Dating a momma39s boy

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Dating a momma39s boy

This is a highly charged situation that you can't alter -- change must come from your partner. Your partner may not realize that their codependency is hurting his relationship with you.

Be direct but calm about your feelings -- he is likely to be defensive about his mother.

You may not need to break up with him -- instead, try to see him as a person with limitations.

Codependent relationships between mothers and sons often develop in situations where the mother is a single parent or the father is emotionally estranged, explains certified life coach and dating expert J. The mother recreates the lost relationship via her son, causing an unhealthy dynamic.

Just go ahead and run away now and never look back.

But not only are you doing it wrong, but someone else does it much better than you.

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Your reservations for two will be bumped up to three when his mom catches wind that the two of you are planning on taking off somewhere without her.

Whether it be a simple disagreement or a heated argument between you and your partner, his mom will always have the final word on how the two of you should proceed in your relationship.

How about a future mother-in-law who has her sights set on completely ruining your wedding day?

Are you sure this is the type of relationship you want to be in?

You deserve someone who can setup clear lines and make boundaries to ensure he has a healthy relationship with his mom and a healthy relationship with his partner. Get prepared for her to give you the meanest side-eye if you even think about giving your boo a kiss in her presence.

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She will likely have something negative to say about every wedding dress you choose!

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