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if a windows installer had done this there'd be 200 posts already, screaming for microsoft's collective heads, and talking about a class action lawsuit. since gpl is the biggest crap to have ever been created i am screwed, so i have to buy a new optical drive(but do i want to test another linux install on that one though?? this is what happens to you when you get a “quality” os for “free”.

i haven't seen any of the traditional linux fanatics here saying “wow, linux did that? i've installed windows xp on a 5 year old machine. it worked perfectly, and if it couldn't work with a particular piece of hardware, it didn't destroy it, it told me about the problem then just disabled it until it was fixed. ”, not really mentioning what the 'or else' is.

you'd be blaming microsoft if it were the other way around. we all know you would, so why bother lying or beating around the bush. the death rate is significantly higher than others ive seen.

you've never wasted any time listening to facts or research before when skewering microsoft, so why bother changing now? perhaps this is a good thing wake up lg your product is poorly designed fix it and mandrake may want to review ther testing procedure – by p.think you have me mixed u with someone else.

(Page last updated 2015-12-18) This table reflects operating systems which should work with the most recent version of Virtual Box but without any guarantee.

To get a list of commercially supported guest operating systems of Virtual Box, please follow Generally, all 2.4 and 2.6 kernels work; however, we recommend 2.6.13 or above for better performance.

oh well, its a lot cheaper to replace a crap optical drive than buy any other os (assuming you didn't download a free iso). to up is down: that is optical, not hdd, big difference, if it was killing hard drives rather than crap opticals i would probably be more offended. i think the hardware vendor should do a better job protecting it's firmware.

apparently the drive is shipped with firmware that gets overwritten or corrupted when the mandrake installer probes the machine for installed hardware.

once affected, the drive cannot be recovered, even by reflashing the firmware.

Kernels 2.6.18 to contain a race condition (which was unfortunately backported to the Ubuntu 6.06 Server and 6.10 kernels) that can cause boot crashes in virtual machines.

This configuration file is used to tell syslinux where your kernel image and initrd files are located.

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– by rax next time i get modded down for bashing m$, ill just show this.